Tamara Linke- Music, lyrics and book 

A couple of years ago I was told by someone quite pointedly that I would never be a capable song writer. Apparently, I just wasn’t creative enough. I went home that week and wrote the first three songs of a musical I feel chose me, as opposed to me choosing to compose it. Whether it was divine intervention or just driving motivation (thank you very much [insert name of disbeliever here]), I composed ten songs in a matter of eight weeks. The script was written concurrently, with each character’s journey progressing according to the music they would sing. Characters like Shane-O and Cindy Five-ways were born out of various alter egos I’d created for animation voice acting projects, each seasoned with a few idiosyncrasies inspired by family, friends and people whom have come in and out of my life over the years.


Creating a performance piece with the cast of The Hipster and workshopping each character has been a self-induced labour; a running train so to speak. Set in Adelaide, about Adelaide and for Adelaide, this musical is an ode to a State that is truly bursting at the seams to reinvent itself. I can only hope audiences walk away with a sense of ownership for the piece, and if nothing else, a damn good laugh on the ride home.

'This musical is an ode to a state that is truly bursting at the seams to reinvent itself.'

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Catherine Campbell- Director

As an actor, singer and director my experience lies in a myriad of Music Theatre performances including; Songs For A New World (Adelaide Cabaret Festival), Sweeney Todd (State Opera of SA),The Mikado (Adelaide Festival Centre), and The Witch in the SA Premiere of Into The Woods. Cabaret has seen me travel on national tours in Australia, be a co-creator of comedy trio Gentlemen Prefer Curves and Berlin Cabaret for both the Adelaide and Cabaret Festival.

I am thrilled to celebrate 22 years with the Chorus of State Opera of SA, having recently performed the role of Cora The Boots in BOOJUM! as well as SAUL and Hamlet for the Adelaide Festival. Other performances include two international tours with Adelaide Chamber Singers, numerous corporate functions and various Country Arts SA Tours. Most notably I hold four Fringe awards, including the Advertiser Award for Excellence for Gentlemen Prefer Curves. I've also sang backing vocals for Split Enz with the ASO and have never quite gotten over it.


Comedy and social commentary are a wonderful partnership in music theatre and Tamara Linke’s brilliant and ridiculously precise satire on the contemporary malaise of the pseudo- hipster is a deft and frankly hilarious serving! With sharp observations, sharp and ruthless satire, and an underlying celebration of the hopeless humanity in us all, The Hipster is a welcome addition to the Australian music theatre scene – and it is set in Radelaide!

'...an underlying celebration of the hopeless humanity in us all.'

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Rod Ennis- Arranger

I have performed, arranged and recorded music with some of the biggest names in the country and beyond, including Pete Murray, Guy Sebastian, Chong Lim, Mark Vincent, Marina Prior, Rhonda Burchmore, Darlene Love, and most recently up and coming R 'n' B star Tkay Maidza.

Orchestra arrangements feature on ARIA award nominated, multi-platinum selling number 1 albums. They have been performed by the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, and recorded by the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra for Pete Murray's 10th Anniversary Edition of his iconic best selling album 'Feeler.'

Collaborating on The Hipster as an arranger has been a hugely rewarding process. It’s always a joy and an inspiration to work on quality material with quality creatives, which this show has in abundance. The music resonates with the heart as well as the funny bone, and is beautifully crafted from beginning to end. It will impact you in humorous and powerful ways, and stay with you long after the last notes have faded from the air.


Don’t miss the chance to experience The Hipster for yourself and to be a part of this special home grown South Australian creation. I’ve loved every minute of it and I know that you will too!

'The Hipster will impact you in humorous and powerful ways, and stay with you long after the last notes have faded from the air.'